The journey of the well dressed woman has many paths. Seeking to reflect the potency dwelling within her, the sophisticate chooses Riccova. Traveling abroad, cycling down a country lane, raising a child or giving a presentation, her humors and vibes are varied. Her attire must echo what is gleaming within. In Riccova, she recognizes the emotion in the design of each piece. Here she finds the expression she seeks; the fantastical whimsy that makes every day her own.

Quality crafted details paired with ahead-of-the-curve design, these jeweled collections indulge the discerning. 14 Karat Gold plated, extravagant stones and unique designs are brought together with trend-setting appeal. From passion to product, the process of bringing these unique accessories to life is monitored throughout. Only by direct involvement from start to finish does Riccova bring the satisfying indulgence of good taste to every woman without the over indulgence of price.

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